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Illustrations by Ali Harper


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Helping Children to Build Self Esteem (Second Edition)


This second edition of the highly successful Helping Children to Build Self-Esteem is packed with fun and effective activities to help children develop and maintain healthy self-esteem.

 New and updated material has been added including a section on running parent groups alongside children’s groups, as well as a brand new layout, fresh illustrations, an expanded theoretical section and extra activities.

The book is primarily designed for use with individuals and groups of children aged 7-11, but the ideas can easily be adapted for both older and younger children.

Jessica Kingsley Publishers
ISBN 978 1 84310 488 9

Also available in Italian (book and CD-ROM published by Erickson: www.erickson.it ), croatian, Czech, German and Portugese.

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...a welcome addition for SLTs, SENCOs and support staff who work in this field. - Journal of the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists
...a rich resource in its own right, or to “pick and mix”, incorporating activities into other ways of working according to the needs of the children and one’s own personal and professional preferences. - YoungMinds
This practical guide has a fund of ideas describing how teachers can harness powerful young imaginations and help build self-esteem. - The Teacher
The book will be of genuine interest and use for Special Educational Needs coordinators and class teachers alike. - Education 3-13
The book is practical and positive. . . .[It] is thoughtfully produced and is evidently grounded in practical experience. It will be useful for professionals working to develop children’s self-esteem and confidence. - Bulletin