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Illustrations by Ali Harper


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The Adventures of the Little Tin Tortoise


This is a practical, interactive storybook to support the building and maintenance of healthy self-esteem in young children.

Using the tradition of oral storytelling, Deborah encourages children to consider the self-esteem issues encountered by a little tin tortoise on a journey to discover who he really is. The various obstacles and helpers he encounters along the way include worries, dealing with teasing, making decisions and forming friendships.

Activity sheets and expansion topics can be used to help children to explore the seven foundation elements of self-esteem proposed by Deborah in her earlier books.


A story that will enchant children and the child in every adult. Deborah Plummer is a truly gifted storyteller. Her deep insight into the child’s emotion is reflected in her work. The worksheets provide a tool for the storyteller to use in a creative manner and help children with a wide spectrum of emotional needs in different settings - Colleen Carpen, Nurse, Croft Children’s Unit
This delightful, gentle story gives children plenty of opportunities to explore their feelings. This is a useful tool for teachers and others involved in group work as it addresses issues relating to self-esteem in an accepting and non=judgemental atmosphere. The activities are fun and topics such as ‘false friends’ are introduced in an entertaining and lively way. I would recommend these materials to anyone wanting to use self-esteem as a topic in their sessions with children. - Dorothy Clarke, formerly facilitator for Speech and Language Therapy Services to Education

Jessica Kingsley Publishers
ISBN 1-84310-406-7