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Illustrations by Ali Harper


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Using Interactive Imagework with Children


Using Interactive Imagework with Children is an introduction and practical guide to working interactively with children’s natural imaginative abilities in order to encourage creative thinking, healthy self-esteem and effective stress management.

While suitable for use with children who are experiencing mild stress in their lives, it is emphasised that all children can learn to use their imagination in a constructive way that will contribute to happier and more creative lives as they grow to adulthood.


Deborah Plummer’s book gives the means, in a very accessible form, to those parents, teachers, therapists or health professionals who wish to support children in their development into well rounded human beings.
She successfully demonstrates that this work has the possibility of bringing balance to children, socially, creatively, emotionally and psychologically...It is highly recommended.
- Education Review

Jessica Kingsley Publishers
ISBN 1-85302-671-9