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Illustrations by Ali Harper


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Focusing and Calming Games for Children



' This is a hugely important book for our times, demonstrating the interplay between mindfulness, attention, well-being and compassion. Its balance of theory and wisdom with practical activities makes it essential reading for parents, educators and policy-makers.' Elizabeth Holmes, writer, journalist, professional development trainer and author of The Newly Qualified Teacer's Handbook

 'Let's Play! This book provides an extensive repertoire of mindful games chosen to enhance focusing, calming, self-reflection and social interaction. It also offers a useful discussion regarding the benefits of playing games, and easy to follow suggestions for adapting games to enhance mindfulness, and social-emotional competency. It is a wonderful addition to any mindful library.'

- Amy Saltzman, M.D., Director of the Association for Mindfulness in Education (AME) and founder of The Still Quiet Place